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Dear aspiring investor,

Findilao could help you make wise investment decisions supported by reputable financial experts.

You are most likely tired of aggressive marketing messages, annoyed by the small yield on bank savings and pension funds, anxious about trading forex or stocks on your own but concerned with the suspicious skyrocket profit promises of unregulated automated trading systems (MT4 EAs, signals and so on).

You deserve something much better because you are:

  • a knowledgeable and entrepreneurial person
  • financially independent
  • successful in your career or enjoying retirement
  • willing to devote as much time as possible to your beloved ones
  • having plans for the mid- and long-term future
  • proactively seeking new investment opportunities
  • brave to take certain risks for reasonable financial rewards

Therefore, I invite you to scroll down on this page and see how Findilao can connect you to licensed financial service providers that have proven their success throughout the years.


Our services

With Findilao you get access to:

Semi-Automated Investment

According to your risk tolerance, you select a realistic annual profit target for a reasonable investment amount. Your choice is realised on a live trading account by portfolio management experts selecting the most suitable strategies executed automatically.

Available Service: Quanti-Hybrid Ultra

Fully Automated Investment

Automated algorithms that analyse price movements to identify the best market entries. Such robotic systems are highly speculative in nature. They expose you to a greater risk for achieving an above-average return on your investment.

Financial Newsletters

In-depth insights from technical and fundamental analysis of selected financial markets. As a solid foundation for any evolving trading strategy, these newsletters give you the global picture to explore new trading opportunities.

Available Service: Financial Markets Outlook

Financial Articles

Detailed technical and fundamental outlook of the financial markets written in specific languages by market analysts unleashing the power of knowledge-based and precise investment decisions.

Financial Publications

Full-scope white papers and e-books giving a long-term perspective of the financial markets in focus to help you mitigate risk and identify opportunities to diversify your portfolio in a balanced way.

Live trading rooms

Financial training delivered in an interactive way through a variety of online or offline trading rooms run by renowned financial experts providing immediate answers right from the source.

Are we missing something you may need?

Get in touch to suggest and even contribute as a beta tester to the development of new e-Services that you find particularly useful.

Your strengths

There are several qualities that will help you get the most out of Findilao’s services:

  • Vision - To see and feel the pleasure of achieving your investment goals after a long run.
  • Patience - To persistently follow a predefined path on your journey to become much richer than they are, in your pursuit of happiness.
  • Discipline - To stand still, maintain confidence and keep going when the going gets tough on the road towards reaching your investment goals.
  • Basic financial knowledge - To understand the cyclic nature of investment which has flat, growth and recession periods and can be significantly influenced by the market volatility levels.
  • Risk tolerance - To accept the inherent investment risks and be able to define personal risk affinity (low, moderate or high) to properly select the desired outcome.

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