Quanti-Hybrid Ultra

A next-generation semi-automated digital portfolio management system developed by the German quantitative analyst Stefan Friedrichowski, PhD, to become the ultimate solution for sustainable investment in financial markets.

It allows you to potentially earn more than 36% annual profit from your investment!

Quanti-Hybrid Ultra uses a portfolio of investment strategies carefully selected by Dr Friedrichowski according to their level of risk, trading style and key performance indicators.

The funds’ allocation among the strategies is manually adjusted over time to achieve the annual target which is split into monthly milestones that are closely monitored. For example, if the performance is above the monthly milestone, the expert may change the selected strategies or even pause trading to avoid unnecessary risks of losing an already generated profit.


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* Based on the recent performance statistics of the system.

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The master account of Quanti-Hybrid Ultra has been actively traded since the beginning of September 2018 and achieved its annual profit target in only 5 months! So far it is significantly outperforming the initially expected result incorporated into our offer.

Fully verified stats you may find on Myfxbook. See a snapshot below:

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