Quanti-Hybrid Ultra

A next-generation semi-automated digital portfolio management system developed by the German quantitative analyst Stefan Friedrichowski, PhD, to become the ultimate solution for sustainable investment in financial markets.

It allows you to potentially earn more than 36% annual profit from your investment!


How it works for you

Quanti-Hybrid Ultra uses a portfolio of investment strategies carefully selected by Dr Friedrichowski according to their level of risk, trading style and key performance indicators.

The funds’ allocation among the strategies is manually adjusted over time to achieve the annual target which is split into monthly milestones that are closely monitored. For example, if the performance is above the monthly milestone, the expert may change the selected strategies or even pause trading to avoid unnecessary risks of losing an already generated profit.


This hybrid investment system takes the benefits of automated trading (time saving, lack of emotion, efficiency and consistency) and combines them with the advantages of manual portfolio management done by a human expert (monitoring of the selected strategies and intervention at the right moment, real-time fine-tuning according to market conditions and achieved results).

The automatic order execution allows the portfolio manager to focus on the constant performance optimisation for achieving the profit targets. Meanwhile, you spend more time on what matters the most – enjoying the great things in life while collecting the profits from your wise financial investment.

You can rest assured that your portfolio is managed professionally and executed automatically through a leading multi-asset trading platform delivered by an EU-regulated brokerage company.

You get cost-efficient access to a type of service that was previously reserved only to high net-worth individuals who can invest a huge amount of money to grow their wealth.

Quanti-Hybrid Ultra is your best alternative to classic savings products which are created by banks and funds to serve mostly their interests.

It is much better and safer than many overpromising trading robots (the so-called “Expert Advisors” or EAs) that stubbornly follow a single-rule logic exposing your account to a significant risk of ruin if something unpredicted happens in the market.

What's in it for you

  • Cost predictability and efficiency: Flat monthly service fee.
  • Precise risk management: Annual profit targets monitored monthly. Risk mitigation against unexpected situations. Trade size adjustment based on the initial account balance.
  • Sustainable growth: Gradual regular profits achieved via fully automated execution.
  • Reliability: Using only strategies verified and approved by an EU-regulated investment firm.
  • Stable IT infrastructure: No need for a constantly switched-on PC running trading terminals. Turn-key implementation.
  • Realistic expectations: A clear vision of the outcome from the very beginning.
  • Transparency: Read-only MT4 account access for real-time performance monitoring.

How to start investing with Quanti-Hybrid Ultra

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* Based on past performance statistics of the system that could be presented upon request.

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