We help you monetize your financial expertise!

Are you a successful trader or a financial service provider - an expert at what you do? We have the solution to monetize your skills internationally. As a financial media publisher, Findilao can help you transform your core competence into a powerful earning machine, building global recognition for your personal or corporate brand.

Our solution

Findilao is an integral part of an innovative supply and distribution chain designed to work best for subscription-based financial products and services. Our turn-key resale packaged solution integrates the following 3 components:

Win-Win Business Model

We work for you purely on a performance basis, applying a win-win revenue-share partnership model. No setup fees, extra charges or additional efforts from you; just your high-quality investment product or service that Findilao can roll out internationally! It’s that simple.

Smart Distribution

You have expertise in creating financial products or services (such as MT4 & MT5 expert advisors, trading signals, research newsletters, e-books etc.) and Findilao takes it from there, packaging it with all the necessary components and making it available in specified target markets.

Product Localization

We translate and localize your product, building awareness, interest and desire among selected audiences that are ready to pay for what you deliver. We are also taking care of any other formalities such as online payments, invoicing, performance reporting and so on.

You end up doing what you do best, while Findilao distributes your services internationally. You get an additional source of revenue, and we both share these extra earnings.

Your services

You are a proven expert at delivering one or more of these services to retail investors, while we are an expert in rolling them out internationally:

MT4 & MT5 Expert Advisors (EAs)

Robots that trade automatically, analysing price movements to identify the best opportunities. Set up and continuously upgraded to avoid excessive risks and facilitate a steady yield growth.

Trading signals

Precise and timely trading updates for diverse financial markets (including crypto currencies) highlighting good opportunity to place or modify orders according to your strategy, even while on-the-go.

Market research newsletters

Market research studies, industry-specific updates and economic data - exclusive in-depth insights and sophisticated analyses that will give a solid foundation for any evolving trading strategy.

E-books and articles

Multilingual financial e-books and articles written by market analysts who are proven experts in their respective fields. We all know the power of knowledge-based and precise investment decisions.

Financial reports

In-depth white papers giving a long-term perspective of the financial markets in focus to help investors mitigate risk and identify opportunities to diversify their portfolio in a balanced way.

Live trading rooms

Financial training delivered in an interactive way through a variety of online or offline trading rooms run by renowned financial experts providing immediate answers right from the source.

Is anything missing?

If you have any financial products or services not mentioned above, we will be happy to consider and discuss their potential for a global release.

Become a partner

We believe that great investment products are built by great experts and made available by smart distribution. We are proud to partner with brilliant and talented financial engineers who create outstanding products and services backed up by years of hands-on experience. We carefully choose whose products to distribute internationally building our partnership network. By joining it, you take a proactive step towards your long-term success!

If you are interested in distributing among your own network of clients a service rolled out internationally by Findilao, you can become our affiliate or introducing partner.

Time is money, so don’t waste it. Our team would love to discuss a possible partnership with you.
We will define the conditions together.

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