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Enjoying your morning coffee, commuting to your office or simply getting your mind ready for a new day full of exciting opportunities, you get an overview of the financial markets (key indicators, news and conditions) delivered to your mailbox for a maximum convenience. This newsletter is written by expert analysts to provide you with institutional-grade market research in an easy-to-understand form. On Monday, it covers all major topics for a week ahead while from Tuesday to Friday the focus is on the daily analysis.

It’s not about the information, but how you will act upon it. Findilao’s Financial Markets Outlook highlights the main price movement scenarios in selected markets (currencies, indices, commodities, precious metals, stocks etc.) illustrated with commentaries and charts. Both technical and fundamental aspects are covered.

Knowledge is key. Therefore, we believe that by publishing such a useful material leveraging from an unrivalled expertise in the financial markets, we prove our absolute commitment to genuinely support and enhance your user experience.